Florida Mail-in Ballot deadlines that count, so that your votes does!

09 October 2020 / By Keith Friedman

Mail-In-Ballot Request Deadlines:

A mail-in-ballot, requested (by a registered Florida voter), through the mail should make their request by October 19th and that is at the very minimum according to USPS.

State law requires mail-in ballot requests be made by October 24th. However, in a letter to Florida Secretary of State, the Honorable Laurel M. Lee; USPS’ general counsel Thomas J. Marshall wrote:

“…Where voters will both receive and send a ballot by mail, voters should submit their ballot request early enough so that it is received by the election officials at least 15 days before election day at a minimum and preferably long before that time.”

See full letter

By chance, but notable, is October 19th is the first day of Early-Voting in all 67 Florida counties. Florida law requires every county to have dropboxes available for returning a mail-in-ballot during early-voting.

Click here to read the full statute.

Returning Your Mail-In-Ballot

A completed ballot must be received by election day to be counted. USPS, therefore recommends mailing it no later then Tuesday, October 27th, if you choose to mail it.

What’s important note is state law allows voters to request their mail-in ballot as late as ten (10) days before the election. Which conflicts with these new USPS guidelines. The safe bet is, if you have not returned your ballot by mail by Tuesday, October 27, then use a secure dropbox to return your ballot.